Pattaya, Thailand – a good destination for a family vacation?

This question is often asked by parents who are considering visiting Pattaya with their children but are unsure about Pattaya’s reputation. Names like Extreme City, Sin City and others come to mind which could scare parents.
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In recent years, the type of tourists visiting Pattaya has changed. Many Russian tourists and Eastern Europeans are now part of the visitor landscape. Pattaya is no longer a destination for single men from all over the world. Russian couples and families are a big part of the tourist scene.
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Pattaya has been known for more than four decades for its vibrant and wild nightlife and there is no doubt that Pattaya will always generate most of its income from the nightlife entertainment area. flights
Pattaya’s nightlife and adult entertainment centers are located mostly on Walking Street and between Pattaya Beach Road and Second Road. Many bars can also be found on the third road. There are other “pockets” of nightlife and adult entertainment in some areas of Naklu and Jomtien, but not so widespread and unbridled.
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Jomtien offers a great destination for families and the further east on Jomtien beach, the beach is quieter and there are almost no bars. There are beautiful hotels and resorts that are very family friendly and offer everything you could look for. Water sports like jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing and any water sport you can imagine are available here.
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Pattaya has the famous Tiger Zoo, crocodile farm, truth sanctuary, mini Siam, Ripley’s Believe or not and Pattaya water park just to name a few things to do in and around Pattaya.
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The convenient location of Pattaya from Bangkok International Airport makes Pattaya a great holiday destination. Only about 1 1/2 hours by taxi or bus.
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Pattaya offers a culinary feast for everyone and every taste. International restaurants mixed with local stalls and Thai food restaurants offer almost every type of food you can imagine.
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Transportation is available at any time of the day or night. The baht bus (mini bus) from Jomtien to Pattaya costs 10 baht per person. The car can be rented for as little as 500 baht a day. The scooter can be rented for as little as 150 baht a day.
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Riots in Bangkok have prevented many tourists from visiting Thailand this year in ‘2008’. As sad as it may be for many businesses, it is a great time to visit as there are far fewer tourists this year. Some newspapers report a 20-30% drop in tourism and a rise.
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An accident for companies, but it’s certainly nice because Pattaya won’t be crowded this high season.
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It’s the perfect time to visit Pattaya in Thailand.
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