Luxury honeymoon vacation – or your affordable family vacation at a 5-star resort

EXPENSIVE … but a wonderful honeymoon

I remember my luxurious honeymoon in December 2000. Two young people in love on a honeymoon walking along the beaches of Huahine – an island in French Polynesia. The sun was perfect, the water was crystal clear, and the nights were electrified.
The month spent on our luxurious honeymoon was truly something to be appreciated. We drove around the island staying in different bungalows and resorts. We were not rich and we did not have an endless supply of money; however we used the money given to us as a gift. Yes, we made good use of it!
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Eventually, our honeymoon had to end and we had to get back to the reality of life. We spent quite a bit of money and were thankful it didn’t come out of our savings!
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If I had known then – what I know now, I wouldn’t care if I have a lot of money to spend my honeymoon or not. If I had known then that Luxury Honeymoon doesn’t mean a lot of money … maybe we might be able to spend a little more time on our exciting honeymoon!
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Many people spend tens of thousands on their wedding and then more on their honeymoon. They rightly believe that this moment in time should never be forgotten and therefore should be treated as “unforgettable”. And families, traveling together on holidays, gather special and unforgettable memories.
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Whether it’s a honeymoon vacation in luxury or just a luxury family vacation, there is now something special to help couples and families enjoy a holiday vacation without thinking about a wallet.
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Honeymoons can be indulgent and romantic. A family vacation can still be fun and exciting. People just need to know how to get what they want in a luxurious style at a good price.
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Timeshares? I don’t think so!

You can’t find this great opportunity for a luxury vacation at the counter of travel agencies or a vacation site. These special honeymoon locations and family holiday destinations are only in exclusive luxury memberships. No, I didn’t say timeshares.

A note about Timeshares – it won’t give you peace of mind while you’re on vacation. You will have to pay annual membership fees, a membership fee in advance that will ruin any plans to break your vacation and many other disadvantages. We are in an era when time shares are outdated, expensive and where romantic luxury honeymoon vacations are not compatible with time sharing. The main reason? Too expensive and not worth the money.

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However, what I am talking about is something else – something unique. This is a low-membership membership – which you pay only once – and you can use the membership for LIFE. This membership will provide you with luxury accommodation in over 5000 resorts worldwide. 4 and 5 star resorts – luxury resorts for your family vacation, and especially special for your private and special honeymoon vacation. Click here for more information.

This membership will save you thousands of accommodation costs. This is not an exaggeration. The website below provides a complete comprehensive cost-saving analysis. See how saving will help you gain more freedom, luxury and fun with those you love on holiday.