The Offices and Business Advisors – How Can You Keep a Tourist Attraction in Bay?


Whether you have a hotel, a resort or a hotel, you just have a bad visitor already. They destroy goods, spoil other visitors, exaggerate excessive nighttime, and steal everything that is not built. However, there are several ways you can protect yourself and your money.

Let me start telling you a story. I had a warehouse for several years. Families will allow me to let their vacation home as soon as they have not. I could have paid the rent from a foreigner and I would send you another part of the money that was paid for. Just two months into my new business, a young woman walked into our office the other day. He just finished college and said he wanted to celebrate by borrowing the most valuable things we gave. Our position at the time was a large area above the mountain and allowed $ 750 per night. He said "I will take". Because my business started growing, I was delighted. However, she can afford to pay a check, which was against our display procedures. I decided to give up my desire to continue the house. You can see where this goes. The next day after he left, I received a phone call from my bank. The cathedral was cut. To this day, I believe that the woman knew so much time as much as possible to keep the bank accountable because she stayed one day.

My reason for this story is this: The most powerful tool for avoiding such problems is the best way to decorate yourself. Rely on your judgment. If something about a stranger seems strange, you will know it. For example, if someone invites you to do something for someone else, tell them that you should talk to someone whose name will be on the contract. If the break of the spring approaches, be careful with college students who are trying to prepare a room. Listen to their discussions. The first time you hear a "dude" or "that is too wonderful", take this as a picture and send em packing. Unless the college college college students of the end of spring do not bring your problems to the world, then by all means …

Also, write down a strong, well-thought-out plan. There are a few places on the Internet where you can find the first ideas for borrowing but you can get a better life if you are alone. If your hotel has a swimming pool, write your rules on a swimming pool in & # 39; If your rooms are not connected with men, write the same. A stranger would not expect to play rules if he did not know what the rules were.

The best way to show your visitors is to be successful and to enjoy their time and to get a security department. A foreigner will not be able to evacuate all the tolls if there is a $ 500 worth of money.

Finally, consider taking the website that allows the refugees and refugees to explain the behavior of visitors and that some hotels and hotel agencies can be warned by those who are causing problems. This is often mentioned The game's unique visitors. Like the list of "No-Fly" list of airplanes. Currently there are three major travel agencies:

1] "GuestScan" touches the United Kingdom.

2] "GuestBehavingBadly" includes Australia and the South Pacific Pacific.

3] "GuestChecker" includes North America. It is a salary payment but the first time you have a check bounced or a guest who stole the TV, you want to serve.

By the way, the girl who bought the $ 7k check? Yeah, it's on the list.