N & # 39; Why is Barcelona a Refugee Bar?


Barcelona is a great place to enjoy your family. There are museums and attractions that affect children and adults. Barcelona is one of the few cities to be foreseen. You can enjoy the kids on the beautiful mountains of M & # 39; town, high night, shopping, and much more to do and enjoy.


There are many photography sites in Barcelona where you can visit your children. There are museums that can make children in the city. On the eve of a museum is found once a year in May for an interesting evening free. Most storage facilities provide a chance to enter after 3:00 Sunday.

A superstitious spring is MNAC

Malawi, Cape Town, Malawi – Lake Malawi, Malawi – Picture Malawi, Cape Town, Malawi – Lake Malawi, Malawi. Mixed water is accompanied by sound music. It's for fifteen minutes and it runs half an hour. If your children are interested in art, you can take them to the Museum of Catalonia at the cost of 3:30 Sunday afternoon.

House of Montjuic

Children will love to visit & # 39; It is on the mountain and you can enjoy good ideas. From the bridge there is a restaurant where you can have enough nutritious food and playgrounds and pictures of children. You can also enjoy a picnic with your family as there is a pikisik. If you want to walk, you can go to the left-hand side.


Barcelona is known by the Great Sea. You can take your children up to the beach to swim and cool. Bogatell's harbor is one of the most popular boats in Barcelona with your children.

Giants and La Boqueria Market

Evening markets are always the best way to visit children. La Boqueria is a good food market in Barcelona. You can see some of the Barcelona City Giants.

Museum: Parc de la Ciutadella

It's a beautiful place and a place for the whole show of 1888. It is in the center of the city. It's the best place on a picnic. There are ping pong tables, lakes and ducks and geese, playgrounds, great sculptures, and a beautiful spring.

Horta Labyrinth Park: Have you ever tried the labyrinth of real life? This is a good place to enjoy with the whole family. Entering the park is Wednesday and Sunday rights. It's a beautiful place to find out but you can't make a paper here.

Catholicism in Cathedral

If you want to teach your children the local culture, you can take them to the Catholic Church. You can visit & # 39; have Catalan cultural traditions around the main church every Saturday at 7:30 PM. Your children will have a multiplayer game, Marines, and athletes.