Transfer Insurance Preparation Customs


The family wrote a bedroom for planting in the summer and summer, it came well and liked the house. However, on the second day of the second week, the mother called her father to be very sick and did not expect her to live. The family picked up and returned home, but sadly, his father died a few days later. After the funeral, the owner invited the householder and asked how much it would cost him if he spent only two days on the 14th day. wrote down through the season. He could not find a restoring party at the end and as a lease agreement described; if so, then money cannot return. Although the group does not have travel insurance, it may have been a traumatic trip for illness and / or death of a relative. Borrowing costs more than $ 4000 and they could not repay the debt.

Many people believe that travel insurance is necessary if there is an airline involved; where delayed, lost goods, and airplane risk, is covered; and the number of medical facilities required in a country. We don't think it is important, or not, to buy insurance to travel the same way to the same country or country.

Think again! Many cotton letters are made several months in advance and many things can happen when you change to change your situation. Each party member's illness, redundancy or invitations to work is just a few of the factors that would be affected by travel insurance. Several insurance companies also offer & # 39; change of mind & # 39; Remove, allow you to leave a reason for storage after payment and pay enough. This gives enough money to pay any tax against the seller or the owner who can use it.

When making a rental site, make sure that the owners or offices are carefully opposed. If not, ask the question. Often, real people and refugees try to repeat the situation if they have been removed, and reimburse the money for the time they returned, the minimum wage.

Special payment for travel insurance is limited, when you pay for it, even if it is necessary for each tree, so that you can have peace of mind.