Need help with setting up a list of AirBnb Damages and Catalogs?

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Whether you’re riding your home through Airbnb or you are planning a family home for your clean-up cleaning room it is important. Before you start a bag or send a list, your residential area should be clean, ready and ready to enjoy. The following is a good solution.
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Clean up your List of Airbnb or Home

1. Baths
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Bath, soap, drilling and floor boards are just & # 39; buried, stored, and seen between the rental or sleeping area. Inside and outside the toilet, under the nose, and around the tile, need to be cleaned and stored. Don’t forget glasses.
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They will need a glass of light to make sure that you or your visitors look good. M & # 39; a candle place, use a fragrant smell. Citrus or flowers with the best choice of sleep. Oh, don’t forget to take a toilet paper again.
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2. The Kitchen

Start with immersion and bleach. Extra trees and extra polish with worms. In addition, those with garbage run soda and sour vinegar. Now at room temperature. Even empty and clean thing.
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The screen is to store a box of baking soda with the top half open in the freezer between the place. Wipe and save numbers, show you the window and contradict. You may need to take a bottle of teeth by using soda or grout cleaner from tile grout. Stove is also interesting.
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Store the veil with the fuel supply, and the inside of the stove, and keep it up. If the stove has a cleaning operation, it goes back. High temperatures, especially in the m & # 39; corners, n & # 39; are essential in front of the pitch and a cleaner area. In addition to the smell of the pulp to cut the clean smell.
3. Bedroom

White leaves and skin and everything. Remove any part of the room, even under the bed. Stainless steel leaves will also provide spices, white. Make sure that the metal and metal bars are placed in the & # 39; area as if they & # 39; hatch or damaged.
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You can add extra ash here, too. The white cloth is the best. Don’t forget about the room – it must be carried out and out. An open soda box or a cheerleader during a trip between the trips is also using new, inappropriate themes.
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4. Place / Common Spaces

Accommodation, knives and restaurants are required to dry well and / or to wash and jump between trips. Clean and clean all parts of firewood and furniture cleaners are also required.
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Cleaning the glasses on all the TV or glass glasses is necessary, such as the spraying of fabric for all metal furniture. Be sure to check the & # 39; all devices to verify that the bulbs are working, and do not forget to polish the lights in, and outside. Wipe and dry the air with hot air, too.
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After you prepare, you will want to walk. Think about entering a new house or hotel room and seeing how it looks.
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Careful home-based care will ensure that you visit your home with friends and friends, as well as Airbnb’s customers who will try your site after you have visited. You want to read well all the time!
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A beautiful brothel for good calculations is a good Airbnb or a local market for women’s business. They are not just buildings and offices!
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